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Infrared sauna therapy: before or after a workout?

infrared sauna melbourne city
Infrared sauna cabin at Pure Wellness Studio

Infrared sauna heat is meant to feel like a warm blanket.

Now imagine yourself getting up, energised for a work out in the middle winter, then laying under the covers for 30-50 minutes before you go. Chances are that you will nod off and not feel very motivated to get back up and exercise. The same concept applies to using infrared saunas. Here are some of the reasons you should consider booking your sweat sessions in for AFTER your workout.


You will sweat A LOT during your infrared sauna session. For this very reason, we encourage you to stay well hydrated prior to and during your session. Working out after an infrared sauna session will deplete your hydration levels even further, and we don't want that!

Energy loss

The infrared sauna is relaxing. It puts you at ease, makes you calm and provides clarity. Better yet, it ensures you have a deep, peaceful nights sleep. This kind of environment doesn't exactly incite the kind of energy needed to exercise to your max potential (if you do decide to use an infrared cabin before exercise - we recommend our red 'ENERGY' chromotherapy light). Using the infrared sauna after a workout is great because it helps you wind down.

No Extra Calorie Burn

After an infrared sauna session, you will continue to sweat for at least 30 minutes and burn more calories. This is great because you are doing nothing and STILL burning those extra calories. To maximise your calorie-burning time, we suggest working out (burn!) and following it with an infrared sauna session (more burn!). Rather than having your sweat times overlap, you are increasing the overall time you spend burning calories.

Will you be using the infrared sauna before or after your workout? Our monthly membership gives you access to unlimited sweat sessions, so you can maximise the benefits of our infrared sauna cabins.

New to infra? Our 'Buy Three, Get One Free' offer is great for beginners.

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