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Pure Wellness Studio is located in the heart of Melbourne. We provide an affordable and deeply healing way to live healthier. Our space is designed as a home and haven for your body to detox, and your mind to unwind.

Our space is a breath of fresh air

We want your experience to become a relaxation immersion and for you to transition back to daily life lighter as if you just took a breath of fresh air.


Pure Wellness Studio provides a tranquil space to allow your body time to detox from city pollution and daily stressors. Your experience at Pure Wellness Studio can help alleviate health concerns and improve your skin and immunity.


Our welcoming team is here for you and all your wellness needs.

Tradition meets innovation

Innovation has transformed the traditional wellness experience. The combination of sauna and infrared technology will leave you feeling revitalized, fresh, and glowing.


Allow 45 minutes to immerse yourself in pure relaxation.

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Meet Nadia

With a passion for health, Nadia Hassan founded Pure Wellness Studio in 2018 as a way of healing from her own trauma and as a way of dealing with the day-to-day stress of city living. Nadia found the experience of infrared sauna transformative on her health and wellbeing and became her 'healing escape'.


She realised the community within the beautiful city of Melbourne needed access to this and other transformative wellness therapies. From this, Pure Wellness Studio was born, a space offering holistic wellness services using innovative modalities that help you rejuvenate, recover and relax.

Our Story
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