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Spring Clean Your Mind, Body & Soul

Winter is on its way out! Don’t get us wrong, we love hot chocolates and big fluffy blankets as much as the next person, but we are ready to welcome back that sun here in Melbourne! What better way to celebrate the start of Spring in than with a Spring Clean?

Lemon detox via Pinterest

The concept of a Spring Clean isn’t a new one - there are all kinds of cultures and countries that have Spring Cleaning histories. In Iran, the Persian New Year, or Nowruz, takes place on the first days of Spring. The holiday involves 13 days of cleaning and spending time with family and friends.

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for the house though, and here at Pure Wellness, we like to use the beginning of Spring to detox and organise our mind, body and soul. Here’s how we do it...

Set Fresh Spring Intentions

Shed your older goals and draw up some new ones. What do you want to achieve? Spring is a great time to set goals because the sunshine and blooming florals have a way of making us feel more positive and optimistic. Maybe you’d like to try out meditation, or try to slow down and find time to look after yourself in your day to day. Whatever it is you want to do, write it down, visualise it, and hold yourself accountable.

Digital Detox

The digital detox is double edged. Begin by decluttering your phone and laptop. Organise your email inbox, unfollow anyone who isn’t sparking joy on your social media platforms and delete anything you don’t need. Follow this up with an attempt to lessen screen time. Most importantly, don't make checking your phone the first and last thing you do every day!

Spring Clean Your Diet

As Spring begins an array of fruits and vegetables starting coming back into season. A huge amount of leafy greens and citrus fruits will be hitting the shelves, fresh and ready for you to cook. We suggest you make the most of it by cooking up a fresh, detoxifying Buddha Bowl. Roast up some sweet potato and cauliflower and mix it into a bowl with some pan fried broccoli, kale and spinach. Top with a squeeze of lemon and some hummus. Delicious AND easy!

Get Your Sweat On!

Come in for an infrared sauna session for the ultimate Spring detox. A sweat session can pull out harmful toxins that reside inside your body. As well as detoxifying, infrared saunas improve cardiovascular health, blood circulation and aids skin rejuvenation. Book in for a casual sweat through our website and give it a whirl!



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