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Wellness Facials


As your body requires care and nurturing to heal - so does your skin. At Pure Wellness Studio we offer the exclusive organicspa range of facials. organicspa uses Certified Organic ingredients including plant extracts that are rich in natural actives that provide your skin with the nutrition it needs to refresh, and radiate.

There’s nothing quite like the glow you get from using nature as your source of healing.


Wellness Facials


Calming & clarifying

60 mins | 75 mins 

Skin type: Most skin types

Your experience: Delivering a calming and detoxifying experience, this facial will help purify and restore balance to your stressed skin. With a high potency, multi-clay mask to draw impurities at the surface of the skin and promote detoxification at a cellular level; and our Signature Lymphatic Drainage Massage, your skin will be left feeling both restored and rebalanced.


Stimulate & lift

60 mins | 75 mins 

Skin type: Normal | dry | mature

Your experience: Transform your skin using the power of crystal healing. Experience a relaxing facial massage that targets the deeper layers of the skin. We use a jade* roller to stimulate Qi flow (energy) for complete skin renewal. This treatment is paired with vitamin C and E for instant brightening and rejuvenation. 

*What is Jade? - Jade offers your skin a form of crystal healing. Jade protects against negative energy, and makes a highly effective tool that can massage the skin and target the deeper facial muscles, improve lymph flow and circulation. Great for relieving facial tension and stimulating smooth, ageless skin.


Plumping & moisturising

60 mins | 75 mins 

Skin type: Most skin types

Your experience: HYDRATE is all about moisture! This facial is great for dehydrated and thirsty skin. Using a natural hyaluronic acid for a deep infusion of moisture for the ultimate plumping and hydration.


Detoxify & glow

60 mins | 75 mins 

Skin type: Most skin types

Your experience: Your skin will experience a gentle resurfacing using enzymes alongside a deep facial massage using rose quartz* Gua-Sha. This anti-aging treatment will help with skin toning while detoxifying for the perfect glow.

*What is Rose Quartz? - Connected to the heart chakra and referred to as the love stone, this pink gemstone offers some powerful energetic healing. When used as a Gua-Sha tool you receive a facial massage that gets deep within the skin and offers a way for the skin to naturally lift and detoxify.


What time should I choose?

60 or 75 mins

Sometimes your skin needs a little more time and care, and our 60 and 75 minute facials offer just that. If you have a little extra time our 75 minute facial includes a longer face massage and an extra intensive infusion of active ingredients.

We can also help you choose the time required if you need a little more guidance, we are here and always happy to help you.

Our Bespoke 90 min Facial


We also offer a 90 minute facial option that is perfect for those looking for a customisable and bespoke treatment. Your bespoke 90 min facial is fully customised and designed to suit your skin needs perfectly. Please contact us to learn more.

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