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Using Our 'Detoxify' Body Mist in the Infrared Sauna

detox essential oil mist
'DETOXIFY' Body Mist by Pure Wellness Studio

It feels like we have been working on this FOREVER, so we are so excited to introduce our special new product to the Pure Community! Say hello to the 'DETOXIFY' Body Mist!

This little bottle of goodness carries a laundry list of benefits. It stimulates lymphatic flow, improves skin texture, supports deep detoxification and oxygenates the body- oh yeah, and it smells pretty amazing too.

Let’s get acquainted with the holy grail of ingredients...

We use the power couple, coconut oil and witch hazel, as our carriers. This pair have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, tightening and moisturising the skin whilst creating an amazing base for our essential oils. These oils are: peppermint, cypress, geranium and grapefruit!

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PEPPERMINT: Peppermint oil is so good that it’s mythological! No really, it has roots in Greek mythology. Greek nymph, Menthe, was metamorphosed into the sweet herb by Pluto, who had fallen so in love with the girl he wanted her to be immortalised and appreciated for years to come. It’s a natural pain-killer, muscle relaxant, and helps to relieve headaches and cold symptoms and boost skin health.

CYPRESS: Cypress oil comes from the beautiful Cupressus Sempervirens, an evergreen tree grown in Southern Europe, North Africa and North America. This potent oil is ridiculously good for your health, as it helps to regulate blood flow, detoxify the lymphatic system and reduce water retention.

GERANIUM: Back in the day, upper class Ancient Egyptians used geranium oil to improve their skin and relieve anxiety! We still love it today for its ability to energise, balance hormones and even help tone muscles.

GRAPEFRUIT: Even grapefruit’s scientific name brings a smile to your face - citrus paradise! This uplifting and relaxing essential oil induces feelings of hope, whilst simultaneously boosting your immune system, controlling appetite and detoxifying.

Together, these oils create a powerhouse body mist that will take your detoxifying infrared sauna session to the next level. Use this spray before you get your sweat on, by misting straight onto your body and massaging into the skin with long strokes towards the heart.

Pure Wellness Studio's range of body mists are available for purchase at the studio.

Sign up to our Monthly Unlimited Membership in June, commit to 3 months and you will save 5% PLUS receive a free 'DETOXIFY' Body Mist!



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