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Top 5 Reasons to use Infrared Sauna Therapy in Winter

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Infrared gives you an immunity boost

Infrared saunas increase your core body temperature. In turn, this boosts the production of white blood cells that combat infection and T-killer cells that kill cancerous as well as other other damaged cells.

It helps your skin to glow

Infrared heat is very effective in skin repair and maintenance. However, it should not be depended on entirely. Infrared sauna sessions should be coupled with balanced nutrition, hydration and use of natural oils. When your skin has a summer glow, why wouldn’t you be motivated to get going despite the cold weather.

It's an opportunity to recharge

Over the winter period, it is hard to find some solo time if you live with family or housemates. It is the time of the year when people hole up in the house for warmth. In that case, a solo infrared sauna cabin may just be what you need for a couple of minutes each week. It revitalises you both mentally and physically, allowing you peaceful time to contemplate and self care. This gives you a bit of a boost each week and keeps you motivated to work and socialise because you have pre- allocated time for you.

Infrared can soothe your winter aches

Winter related joint aches are not uncommon, especially when the area in question was once injured. However, some people have complained of these aches over the winter period only and minus any history of old injuries. It has been studied that during cold weather the body will conserve heat, and it will send more of the blood to the organs in the centre of the body. As a result, infrared sauna sessions are a good way to keep your joints fluid over this cold period and keep you motivated to go through your day and your fitness/wellness routines.

A regular infrared routine can supplement any missed functional training

It is not always easy to get up daily for functional training. Over the winter period, the frosty mornings make the idea of being active less appealing. However, relaxing in an infrared sauna cabin while losing calories is certainly inviting! Additionally, it is effective enough to supplement your functional training or occasionally substitute for any missed fitness/wellness routine.

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