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Sustainability and Wellness: Love the Earth and it Will Love You Back

Alright folks. The penny has indeed dropped- sustainability isn’t just for hippies, but instead for anyone sharing planet earth. It’s the ultimate act of altruism- by living sustainably you are also living compassionately.

But that ain’t all. Practising sustainability is also hella selfish.

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We’ll let Jessica Bohme explain more with this cute account;

“Imagine a beautiful, remote island as big as a football field in the middle of the sea. It’s full of eatable (sic) plants and a lake with clear drinking water. On the island lives Joe. Joe chose to live on the island two weeks ago. Along with him, he brought a whole lot of stuff that he didn’t want to miss out on. His favorite food, ravioli out of a can and Oreo cookies. Shampoo. A generator to plug in his hairdryer. And a calculator (just in case).

After a year of living on the island, Joe wants to leave. He says everything changed so much.

This is what the island looks like today: Joe dumped the leftover ravioli in the lake. Unfortunately, they had a chemical reaction with his shampoo. They poisoned the lake so the water is not drinkable anymore. The eatable plants are all in his belly and Joe forgot to plant new ones. His hairdryer died and now covers, along with all his other crap, 1/6 of the island he once called home.

Thinking about Joe, you might wonder what an idiot he is.

I agree.

Now imagine Joe living according to all the eco-friendliness you can possibly think of. Eating one plant, planting another. Treating the lake with care. Loving everything around him. Joe would still be able to live on his island. Joe took care of his island because he wanted to live there for the rest of his life. He was preserving his habitat. Not for altruistic reasons. Not because he is a nice guy. Not because he likes the plants. But for selfish reasons. For the very only fact, that he dies if he doesn’t.”

Joe is, in a way, like all of us. You’ve heard the end of the world speech before so we won’t repeat it, but we gotta act now.

Here are some small steps you can adopt into your life to be more sustainable!

Explore op shops

Fashion doesn’t have to be fast- save your cash and save the world by hitting up your local Vinnies. Not only can you find cheap, one of a kind pieces, by buying preloved clothes you are also helping your local community and preventing landfill.

Rethink your takeaway strategy

Always on the go? Invest in a keep cup- or better yet, bring a mug from home! Ready to take it to the next level? Bring along some cute and handy tins or containers, reusable cutlery and a reusable straw next time you order your food to go.

Shop wisely

How much waste is left over after your trip to the supermarket? Find cheaper, fresher and ultimately more delicious produce at your local farmers market. Need to stock up on toiletries or other groceries? Check out your local bulk store and fill up your own jars and containers with all kinds of goodies. Keep your pantry cute and the environment cuter.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Let’s bring it back to basics. This triple R rule is one to keep you in check. Adopt it into your day to day living today.


IMAGE CREDITS : @stevieyaaaay

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