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Simple Tips For Meditation Beginners

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Are you new to meditation?

Meditation is a stress reduction technique that revolves around relaxation and breathing. Stress in itself has been normalised as a driving force in society today, however, too much of it can create a sense of overwhelm in just about anyone. This is where meditation comes in - it helps us to cope through the busyness of life and find ways to be more present in every day moments.

It can be hard to focus during your first attempts. With time and practice you will become more able to drown out the sounds and distracting thoughts, and focus on the calm.

Here are some few tips for meditation beginners:

Start with a quiet place

They say Rome was not built in a day, and likewise, neither was mindfulness or patience. Many people have difficulty sitting in silence or being isolated from others for prolonged periods of time. These are exactly the types of situations that meditation can help you in. Once you are able to deal with the noise inside your own head (which is often much louder when you are by yourself), it becomes easier to deal with the outside world and all its stresses.

Focus on your current state of being and surroundings

We are often caught thinking about what we did in the past or what could happen in the future. A flicker of a second is given to your present state. Meditation teaches you to be present in the moment. Your time is precious, so why would you want to spend it in a place you can't control, like the past or future. Focus on the NOW. But how...?

Concentrate on your breathing

Turn all of your attention to your breathing. Imagine that you are watching the air move through different parts of your body, especially your lungs and nostrils. Take deep breaths in and out. Don't worry if your mind wanders, this is expected in the beginning and gets easier to manage with time and practice. Every time you notice your mind is straying, simply refocus on breathing in and out.

Pay attention to your body

Identify each area mentally as you breathe and feel it, breathe into and focus on each for a moment. Imagine yourself breathing in good and breathing out bad energy.

Practice as much as you can

Life can get so busy that sometimes it feels impossible to spare even ten minutes of time. However, a quiet moment to meditate can present itself anywhere. For example, in the shower, in the car or over your lunch hour. If you are really pressed for time, pairing up your meditation practice with another part of your routine can be just as beneficial. For example, our infrared sauna cabins and pod can be the perfect place for you to sneak in both a detoxifying sweat and a meditation session. We even have a complimentary meditation playlist for you listen to!

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