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Our 5 Favourite Health and Wellbeing Apps

Is your home screen filled with Netflix and UberEats lookalikes? Whilst limiting screen time is always a good idea, your phone can actually assist you on your health and wellbeing journal if you make the right choices. From fitness to food, here are 5 of our favourite wellbeing apps.

Run Zombie Run

Struggling to find the motivation to crawl out of bed and go for that run? Maybe being chased by zombies will help you. This app places you into an online world in which your real-world running translates to escaping zombies, gathering supplies and defending your homebase. It’s a fun and addictive way to keep yourself active!


Personalise your happiness journey (or ‘track’) through this app. After answering questions about your characteristics, this app puts you on a certain track, in which you must complete small tasks and play games in order to help improve your mental state. It focuses on breaking old thought habits in order to create new ones, and ultimately aims to make you happier.


This new app was created by instagram influencer Claire Michelle, or @plantifulsoul. It includes a list of healthy recipes, journalling and artistic prompts, astrology tidbits, audio visualisations and more. You also have the option to turn on ‘intuitive notifications’, which are ‘daily reminders for remembering who you truly are in the chaos of this wild world’.


This is the biggest app database of healthy recipes, with more than 500,000 to choose from! This huge array is made easier to narrow down through the handy recipe finder, which allows you to tailor your search to your personal nutritional needs.


MindBody connects the everyday user to thousands of fitness classes, wellness services and beauty appointments around the world. You can fit bookings around your schedule easily, with there super handy date and time filters, and can sort through and compare a range of different classes to find what suits you. We’re on there too! Simply search up PureWellnessStudio on the app and book in for an infrared sauna session to experience wellness from within.

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