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Managing Diabetes with Infrared Sauna Therapy

Diabetes is becoming more common by the day. In Australia alone, Diabetes Australia estimates slightly over 200 new cases daily. As a result, different holistic methods have been developed and have become effective in day-to-day management of diabetes. One of these methods is infrared sauna therapy.

For type 2 diabetes, daily use of infrared sauna therapy is highly recommended - particularly in cases where experts conclude that the disease can be managed with a little lifestyle modification.

This is where balanced diets and holistic wellness routines such as infrared sauna therapy come in.

How? Let us break it down for you...


We often never realise that the layers in our bodies harbouring harmful fat that may result in health issues, also absorbs harmful toxins. One way to relieve yourself of them is to sweat them out during an infrared sauna session. This helps with the overall betterment of your body and ability to heal better due to the lack of inhibiting toxins.

Increases cardiovascular health

For diabetics with systolic blood pressure issues, infrared sauna therapy is perfect for managing the health of your heart.

Assists in Weight Loss

Infrared sauna heat has been proven to help you lose 600 calories in one 45 minute session. One of the issues diabetics face is with weight management, especially for those who are unable to participate intensely in physical or functional training.

Improves Sensitivity to Insulin

Consistent use of infrared saunas by diabetics is beneficial because heat therapy produces nitric oxide and heat shock proteins that as a result increases insulin sensitivity.

If you have any questions or are concerned about using the infrared sauna, we recommend consulting your trusted health care professional. The team at Pure Wellness Studio Melbourne are also happy to help with any queries you may have.

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