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Exercise & Your Moon Cycle

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It’s that dreaded time of month once again. Yes yes, we know, the female body is miraculous and menstruation is beautiful. But hey - it doesn’t always FEEL beautiful. Perhaps all you want to do is curl up with a hot water bottle and watch Love Actually. We feel ya. Our advice is not to launch yourself onto the couch just yet though. We recommend something even more therapeutic.


We know it sounds insane. But hear us out!

Why in the world would you get up and workout NOW? Well, because you’ll feel better afterwards. Working out on your period has a laundry list of benefits. By increasing heart rate and blood circulation, your cramps will actually get better! The endorphins that exercise releases will help balance your all-over-the-shop hormones and make you feel less stressed and happier. Working out can even regulate your period!

Convinced yet?

Alright, so maybe we’ve coaxed you off the couch, but now what? What exercise should you do?

Research suggests that your lung capacity improves during the later stages of your cycle, meaning you have the perfect excuse to put off those high stamina cardio classes during your period. Instead, the best exercises to do during the first week of your cycle are gentle workouts, like walking, yoga and swimming.

If you’re still disenchanted with the prospect of working out on your period, we understand. Fortunately our infrared saunas can offer many similar benefits to exercise, minus the actual exercise! Not only will your blood circulation and cramps improve, the heat of the sauna makes you feel like you’re tucked up in a giant heat pack burrito, which is the kind of comfort every woman longs for during their period.

Infrared sauna therapy is also a great compliment to your wellness routine throughout the rest of your cycle. In fact, we recommend a minimum of three sessions per week for the maximum benefits.



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