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Nadia - Founder of Pure Wellness Studio Melbourne

You’ve stuck to your workout routine for a couple of months now. You’re seeing results, and are feeling super excited! But the routine itself might feel stale, and you can’t help wonder, is the grass greener on the other side? What are other people doing? It’s time to mix it up.

We're giving you a little sneak peek into the routines of Pure team members for inspiration. When you're a part of the Pure community, we're always here to support your wellness journey.


Nadia practices functional training three times a week, a workout which helps the body to better perform daily activities. She combines this with yoga once a week, and on days when she’s not working out, she jumps in one of our infrared saunas. One session can burn up to 600 calories, whilst simultaneously providing detox and relaxation benefits.

Nadia also remains active wherever she can, walking to work and taking the six flights of stairs up to the studio instead of hopping in the elevator. Living and running a business in the city gives Nadia the freedom and ability to walk every day. She loves reaping the rewards of her healthy habit - such as improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger bones and improved balance.

This is all done with an underlying principle of balance. She balances her workout with rest, and her healthy diet with cheat days. Everything in moderation, baby!


Molly’s workout ebbs and flows, depending on how she’s feeling.

Some days, her workouts are more intense, with long distance runs along the beach or through the Botanic Gardens and strength training, with an emphasis on core strength. However, her fitness routine is mostly relaxed, with daily yoga and intuitive stretching. Molly walks everywhere, a practise she finds both meditative and fun.

This intuitive approach is combined with her daily solo dance session - she loves to chuck on her pjs, some early 2000s pop and have a serious boogie.


How can we support your fitness routine?

Book your first infrared sauna session and check out our timetable for upcoming classes and holistic health workshops at our Melbourne wellness studio.

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