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Benefits of Meditation

Sadhbh Joyce, a senior psychologist at the Black Dog Institute defines meditation as:

“ acute attention skill...a practice that seeks to bring focused attention to the present moment with self-compassion and without judgement.”

At our holistic wellness studio in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on offering services that help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing. We choose to work with meditation teachers, like Ange from The Haus of Health, because we recognise the incredible benefits that meditation can produce. Here are just a few:

Helps manage anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression can often be caused by heightened stress levels brought about by life's daily pressures. If you stress your mind enough, your body eventually responds negatively. For example, think of a time you have been worrying and your appetite has suddenly decreased or increased. This can create an imbalanced or unhealthy weight loss or gain - and it all starts with your mental state. Nurturing a healthy balance in your mind maintains the same healthy balance in your body. When meditating, you are able to use various tools and techniques to ensure you release excess anxiety and can respond to any pressure calmly.

Reduces age-related memory loss

There's nothing worse than trying to remember something - we can’t "put our finger on" something lost in our memory. Meditation is a helpful way to improve your memory bank through the years. A study done on senile patients prone to Alzheimer’s noted that even a minute of deep meditation made a significant difference to their memory of numbers and animals.

Increases tolerance for crowds and noise

Mindfulness meditation is very handy for sound isolation. For example, for people who are prone to anxiety attacks, crowds act as a very common trigger. Mindfulness meditation helps you to focus on or drown out particular things in your environment. You can essentially be in a crowd but have your mind detached from it, instead putting all your focus on your breathing until you are calm or arrive at your destination.

Helps in chemical addiction management

Chemical addictions can be caused by alcohol and nicotine, among other harmful substances. If smoking is triggered by stress, the relief achieved through meditation can make it easier to quit the habit.

At Pure Wellness Studio, our infrared saunas are equipped with pre-recorded meditations to help you relax during your sweat session. We also have regular classes and workshops focused on improving your every day mindfulness.

Curious to discover how regular meditation practice could help you?

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