Put simply - it is freedom.


Meditation enables you to unlock your inner stillness and allows your mind to traverse to a higher field of awareness. You already have all the magic within you, it just takes practice to harness your power.


As human-beings, we are overworked, tired and incredibly stressed for most of our waking hours. Some of us dedicate time to moving our bodies, and whilst this is an incredibly positive physical release, we rarely give our mind the same opportunity to exercise in a positive way. Our mind is just like the muscles in our bodies. It too needs to exercise and to be challenged in order to grow. Meditation and Mindfulness is the Yin to the daily stressors Yang.


Meditating helps to enrich your life experience. It keeps your mind determined and focused, brings you into the present moment, and helps you to navigate life’s unpredictability in a positive way, including becoming less reactive to challenging situations.


Meditation is widely known to help with relaxation. With consistency, compassion and an open mind, meditation can teach you to concentrate, raise your emotional intelligence, confidence, and overall wellbeing. You will learn to be expect nothing, but be open to everything the world and life has to offer. Studies are even showing increasingly positive results relating to cardiovascular disease, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, poor memory, anxiety and depression.


As a former suit turned meditation teacher, Angie understands the pressures of the daily grind. Fuelled by coffee and cortisol, she experienced a rapid descent to burnout. Forced to step back and recognise the detrimental impacts her lifestyle was having on her happiness and health, Angie began to immerse herself in the world of mindfulness and meditation. Feeling the positive impact on her daily life, she began to develop simple and practical techniques and programs for the corporate world, and now educates students across Victoria and online.



Hearing about all of the positive benefits that is finding stillness in a moment? Are you curious about how mindfulness meditation can grow your mind? Could mindfulness be the tool to help you calm your senses, create space and help you manage life's ebbs and flows a little better? Or, are you a total meditation sceptic? 

Everyone is welcome. Each week we will explore different meditation styles and simple strategies to help manage life’s twists and turns in a more positive manner.  Helping with anxiety, sleep, stress, positivity, self love and creativity. Explore a style that works for you and you don’t even need to sit cross-legged! Join the journey! 

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